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Basement Repair

Keep Your Basement Dry and Your Foundations Walls Strong

Regina and many parts of Saskatchewan are situated on clay (gumbo) soil. This soil expands and contracts as moisture levels change. This creates and then releases pressure that can be very hard on foundation walls, pony walls and basement floors. Cracks develop that weaken the walls and allow water to seep in. 

When you notice issues like cracking concrete, water in the basement and bowing concrete walls and heaving basement floors, you’re experiencing structural issues that won’t fix themselves.

The first place to start is with a contractor who’s experienced with our soils and the best practices for repairing these issues. The good news is that we can help, and it will probably cost you less than you think.

We can economically add steel braces to your basement walls to add significant strength and prevent a bowing wall from becoming a collapsing wall. We take the time to patch all cracks with top quality material to keep moisture, mold and mildew out of your basement. And all work will be done to a professional engineer’s standards.

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